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Twins bound by a love of knitting talk about knitting and more.

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Dear Ellen,

Although our very first post is from September 2007, we didn’t really start blogging till November 1st, 2007.? That means our fourth birthday is just around the corner.? Needless to say, that means we need? a party with games and prizes.

For the party, let’s invite all of our readers to leave birthday greetings on this blog post.? For the game, let’s use those comments as entries into a drawing.? For prizes let’s include:


…Yarny Goodness


…A Home for Wayward Needles?????? …And a Book for Good Measure.

Love, Jan

Rules —

  1. Leave a birthday greeting blog comment on this post.
  2. Only one entry per person — you can comment more than once, but you’ll only be entered in the drawing one time.
  3. Contest closes at midnight the night of November 1st, Eastern Standard Time.
  4. Three winners will be randomly selected in the order of the prizes listed above.
  5. Winners will be announced shortly after the contest closes and will be contacted for their mailing addresses.

Finishing Off 2010 Along with Assorted UFOs!

Dear Ellen,

dsc01752.JPGdsc01755.JPGYou may remember my Woodland Vines sweater — the one I started in the summer and thought I’d finish in a few weeks?? Well, it sure got sidetracked during the fall, but in a bout of slogging through 2010 projects on needles, I finally moved forward and finished it up.? I had completed the knitting a month ago, but dsc01757.JPGdsc01758.JPGthen it sat in a chair waiting for blocking.? The pictures take it from blob, to blob hanging on dress form, to blocked blob (note yoke detail!), to finished product! ?At least it’s finished dsc01762.JPGexcept for finding the right 11 buttons and sewing them on.? I’ve ordered a few different alternatives from some etsy vendors and am confident that I’ll be pleased with at least one of them, so I’m hoping to be completely finished very soon.



dsc01765.JPGdsc01768.JPGTGIF is also a finished object now.? All it was waiting on was a decision on whether or not the button solution was adequate or not.? If so, I needed another means to actually secure the sweater for when I wanted it closed as the current solution means buttons are only decorative.? I decided to add a frog (as opposed to deciding to frog) of simple I-cord to use when needed.? When it’s not needed, it can fasten in the back.? I’m pleased…but may revisit the buttons if I find others as perfect in size and color, but far lighter in weight.? The knitting is now finished, I’m waiting for the toggle to arrive in the mail, but you get the idea.? I’ll post final FO pictures of these two once the buttons/closures are completed…maybe even with me wearing them!

dsc01741.JPGdsc01737.JPGI also finished up the headband for my friend at work — it’s very fun.? Not what I would normally wear on my head, but I do kind of like the neck band option.




dsc01759.JPGdsc01751.JPGdsc01753.JPGI have three WIPs remaining and I’m committed to not casting on anything new till 2011.? First is the Sweater from Down Under.? I had set it down for quite a while, but picked it back up just the other night and am making progress again.? Second is my Simple Lace Scarf…a little more progress there as well.? And finally, those nasty Noro socks.? It’s really hard to get motivated to knit them with my dislike for the knittability of the yarn.? Beyond my earlier complaints, I’m now finding knots — and knots that do not keep the color changes consistent.? Grrr!? I only have part of a single cuff left so it should be finished this weekend if I would just grit my teeth and get it over with.

dsc01756.JPGAt least I have some inspiration to get me motivated to move through these projects…Christmas gift goodies from folks like you and Dale!? Looking through the books (especially Wrapped in Comfort by our good friend Alison) will make me want to get some new projects going and I’ve sworn no newbies till the UFOs are done!? With the Knitwear Design Workshop I’ll have my head full of all the new projects I want to design myself!? There are a few other inspiring goodies in the picture…including HiyaHiya Puppy Snips, a Debra’s Garden whorl pendant needle gauge, Yarn Dots, a magnetic measuring tape and a very nice hand knit face cloth.? Our readers can guess which of you gave me the face cloth.? It’s looking like 2011 will be a great year for hand knits!

Love, Jan

P.S. Have you noticed how our spam volume seems to have jumped?? Does this mean we’ve arrived???

sbobet ฟรี เครดิต ล่าสุด Moules et frites!

Dear Ellen,

A brief note to let you? (and our readers) know that I am off to Brussels in a few hours.? By this time tomorrow I intend to be eating mussels and french fries.? I’ll be back late Friday, so hopefully will have the wherewithal to provide a brilliant and informative post next weekend.

A side note to let you know I just did a bit of site administration and we had a record of 128 spam comments!? Does this mean we are the blog of choice?

Love, Jan

Oh, Spam…You Do Amuse Me So!

Dear Ellen,

Our spammers are ever so clever.? An online gambling site must have thought it would fool us with the following post.

“How is it that just anybody can write a blog and get as popular as this? Its not like youve said anything incredibly impressive –more like youve painted a pretty picture over an issue that you know nothing about! I dont want to sound mean, here. But do you really think that you can get away with adding some pretty pictures and not really say anything?”

Should I criticize the spelling and rash claims? ……..I think I’ll laugh instead.

Love, Jan

A Bit Squirrelly Around Here

Dear Ellen,

dscn2878.JPGI have been seduced by the “It Takes a Tree” contest at Brooklyn General Store.? Instead of finishing Like Buttah, I spent the last two days making a new friend.? (He has pipe cleaners in his arms and tail for posing!)? My original plan was to make a baby front carrier, baby squirrel, baby squirrel toy, shawl, etc. to fit my creation out as a momma, but I keep getting a vibe off this squirrel that he’s a he and not a she.? I’ve put him up as a project as Squirrel About Town and think he’s going to end up with a top hat and tails instead of the baby paraphenelia.? I’ll let him rest for a few days.? As long as I have him in the mail by next week, he should make the deadline.? (Stay tuned for sex change operations as I figure out his/her actual identity.)

dscn2872.JPGLike Buttah did get some great knitting while I was on travel to California.? I intend to finish it up this week.? It really has been a fast and easy knit.? Very good for long plane flights on which I was struggling with fatigue.? I was able to score dinner with Jeanne and Frank while I was out there.? It was really nice to have a chance to see them — had been way too long!

Yesterday we drove to Pennsylvania to set stakes marking the edges of the house and garage so we could get a better feel for how it will sit on our property.? jan-in-hat-1.JPGIt is really making it all feel very real…so exciting!? We’re tracking towards a late summer ground breaking…fingers crossed!? And when we got back, I had to get out my finest hat so we could go to friends’ 136th Kentucky Derby party.? Neither of us got to see our chosen horses make it into the winner’s circle, but we did enjoy some great barbecue and time with friends.

Short post tonight…spent too much time with my new friend today!

Love, Jan

P.S. I have to adjust the resolution on the new header before I can put it up…will try to get that nailed down this week as well.?? Stayed up just a bit later…and got it right on the first try.? Facelift complete…for now.? (I guess it was really just a lid lift.)? Dear Readers, be sure to “Refresh” several times till you get the new look on your screen!

Check it Out!

Hi Ellen!

I got us added to the “Top 100 Knitting Sites” — as 100 sites aren’t registered yet, we’re on the list…and not at the bottom of it! I’ll figure out how to get our banner added someday.

Also, amazing how one day on the right meds can yield benefit. I can now swallow without hard pain and have some energy. Good thing, I leave for Maxwell Air Force Base in about an hour.

Love, Jan

Hello world!

We’re in business! At least we have a very basic presence now. Content and site “renovation” is coming…one step at a time!