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Twins bound by a love of knitting talk about knitting and more.

Free Patterns by TwinSet Designs

Help yourself to any of these free patterns.? Share them with your friends, but please do not knit garments for sale without our permission.? We retain all rights even though the patterns are available for free.

sbobet ฟรี เครดิต ล่าสุด (click to download the pdf)

114.jpgnamed for the angora content of the Bunny Hop yarn in which the originals were knit. This pattern is great if you have high arches and narrow ankles but strong (i.e. big!) calves. It cinches in around the ankle and then loosens up – no sliding down of your socks and no tourniquets around your calves. The reverse stockinette sole provides you with a smooth walking surface, great for those of you who dislike walking on purl bumps. The finished sock looks a bit odd until you put it on!

Gussetted Helmet Liner – (click to download the pdf)

81.jpg62.jpgThis helmet liner pattern is based on the several patterns that are available for knitting these invaluable items for our troops. Versions designed by others for knit or crochet can be found at http://www.geocities.com/helmetliner/ where you will also find instructions for mailing in your donations.

The existing patterns are fine patterns, but I have made a few changes which I believe improve the fit and function. And though they look fiddly-er, I actually find this pattern easier to knit. I don’t have to constantly check where I am placing my decreases or struggle to make them symmetrical. The earlier patterns give instructions to decrease either vaguely (4 locations around the face) or specifically in ways that make it hard to have a coherent design; i.e. specifying decreases at the 2:00, 4:00, 8:00 and 10:00 positions, but you end up with purls at 2 and 8 and knits at 4 and 10. What’s an obsessive compulsive knitter to do?

Rewrite the pattern, of course!

Here it is, with a neck stand of sorts added and gussets added off the sides of the neckstand to allow for a nice panel of decreases on the sides of the face opening and a smooth fit.

Ann’s Cap (click to download the pdf)

Ann’s Cap FrontAnns Cap BackThis cap was designed and knit for a friend of mine who was facing chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. Her determination and will to win over cancer and not to let it define her was my inspiration. It’s a quick and fun knit – can be done in an evening. And, it’s a nice way to let someone know you care. The fabric is very elastic and comfortable to keep a bare head warm and casually stylish.

Bohus Hair Clip(click to download the pdf)

15.jpg 25.jpgAfter finishing my wristers from Susanna Hansson’s Bohus class, I couldn’t bear to leave the scraps of yarn alone.? I had enough to knit a little swatch to cover a hair clip.? Here is a tutorial on how you can do the same, using any fine gauge knitting swatch.



Overnight Hat(click to download the pdf)

Super simple and speedy hat – my 2009 Sleepout for the Homeless Project.? The thick/thin yarn makes an interesting fabric.72.jpg

81.jpg 91.jpg






Handed Yes, Fingered No Mitts that Fit(click to download the pdf)

59.jpg 3.jpgTake a good look at your hand.? Does your thumb extend straight out to the side?? Mine doesn’t.? I want mitts with thumb gussets that accommodate my anatomical reality,?? handed mitts, designed to fit my right and left hands properly.? The needed modifications are quite simple.

This pattern also incorporates a simple jogless striping technique.? Simply work a round of one color followed by the next.? There is no need to carry a yarn or twist ends in – the stripes form as the two spirals of color intertwine.? Susan Saari of Sisu Designs Knitting and Weaving Studio in Ely, MN (sisuyarn@cpinternet.com, 218-365-6613, website at http://sisudesigns.theshoppe.com) first showed me this technique, though she acknowledges that others may have unvented it before her.? You could certainly knit these in one color only, but you’d miss the interplay of knits and purls and stripes.

?Hat’s Not Another Noro Scarf!(click to download the pdf)

2.jpg13.jpg31.jpgI call this Hat’s Not Another Noro Scarf!? Even though I haven’t knit one, those striped ribby scarves knit out of a long color repeat yarn like Noro enchant me with their waves of undulating color and sometimes surprising juxtaposition of hues.? But five feet of 1×1 ribbing isn’t my thing.? Twenty inches, however, in a narrower band – definitely something I could wrap my brain around. Or more accurately, something I could wrap around my brain, in the form of a self-striping hat.? With a decorative cast on to establish the striping right off, a band of 1×1 ribbing forms the brim of a quick to work but satisfyingly clever hat.

Tree of Life Preemie Hat(click to download the pdf)

26.jpgNo, you don’t use microfiber to knit this micro hat – you use leftover sock yarn.? Knit and designed as an entry in the Knitmore Girls Preemie hat design contest (and one of the winners!) (there were many winners), this little hat is an excellent way to use up that bit of sock yarn that is too much to toos and too little to make even one sock.

Fast Baby Booties (click to download)

dsc03363.JPGdsc03359.JPGYou can knock a pair of these booties out in an evening.? I promise!